Monday, October 9, 2017

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Vietnam Pho

We are constantly asked questions such as where do you go for a good bowl of Pho? Where can I find the ingredients to make my favourite Vietnamese dish? How do I get to Vietnam and when is the best time to go? What should I see in Vietnam…the list goes on and on… and we want to be able to answer all these questions and bring Vietnam to you, on a plate… literally!

And why are we doing all this you may ask? Simple, because of our passion for Vietnam…and we want to share this passion with you so that you too, can become as passionate as we are about our amazing country!

We want to become the most exciting, innovative, influential and accessible source of information for Vietnam by blending the cultural heritage with the emerging vibrant culture, showcasing Vietnamese arts, traditions, language, and customs through a unique and exciting website and blog.

Vietnam has become extremely fashionable within the last couple of years - the country, the cuisine, the culture! Vietnamese restaurants are popping up all over the UK – whether you want a quick bowl of Pho, a satisfying lunchtime Banh Mi (French inspired Vietnamese Baguette), a slow-dripping intense Vietnamese coffee or a gourmet dining experience to remember – Vietnam has never been closer. There’s so much buzz about Vietnam at the moment that the country has attracted talents of top chefs such as Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay! Top Gear have also travelled the entire length of the Country on motorbikes – we can only describe it a breath taking – a must see!!!

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Vietnamese New Year (Tet) Customs

The Lunar New Year Festival is the most important popular in Viet Nam as during the time, Vietnamese people practice a number of New Year customs.

1. Clean and decorate the home
One of the first preparation steps to welcome Tet Holiday is cleaning and decorating the house.

It is a common belief that cleaning the house will get rid of the bad fortunes associated with the old year.

Vietnamese usually carefully sweep and scrub the floor, begin for the cleaning is the ancestor altars then ahead to the kitchen where is believed that the Kitchen God exists.

Some make up with new paintings, flower vases while others make the house newer with a new color painting wall or some colorful ribbons.

2. Literally means "getting new clothes"
Likely to some other biggest holidays, Christmas, New Year’s Days, Thanks Giving, either Tet Holiday brings to all people a new look through new clothes.

This is often the most exciting part of the Vietnamese New Year among children.

Parents usually purchase new clothes and shoes for their children a month prior to the New Year. However, children cannot wear their new clothes until the first day of the New Year and onward. The best outfit is always worn on the first day of the year.

3. Sending the Kitchen Gods to the Heaven (Ong Tao)
It is important to offer a farewell ceremony “The Kitchen God” to the Heaven Palace on 23rd (seven days prior to Tet holidays) because he needs to report to the Emperor what has happening through the year.

An interesting vehicle for the God is “Carp Fish.” People said that the bigger the carp is the faster the God could reach up the Heaven. And Vietnamese usually send the carp to the Kitchen God by grilling and praying at the kitchen.

4. New Year's Eve
A common and significant task that happens on New Year is New Year’s Eve, when all people gather and pray for the incoming year.

It is also time for the Kitchen God returning. At the stroke of midnight all problems from the previous year are left behind and mayhem ensues.

5. The aura of the earth
Giao Thua is the most sacred time of the year. Therefore, the first houseguest to offer the first greeting is very important.

If that particular guest has a good aura (well respected, well educated, successful, famous, etc.), then the family believes that they will receive luck and good fortune throughout the year.

The belief of "Xong Dat" still remains nowadays, especially among families with businesses.

6. Apricot flowers and peach flowers
Flower buds and blossoms are the symbols for new beginning.

These two distinctive flowers are widely sold and purchased during Tet.

Apricot flowers (Hoa Mai) are the yellow apricot flowers often seen in Southern Viet Nam. Hoa Mai are more adaptable to the hot weather of southern regions, thus, it is known as the primary flower in every home.

Peach flowers are the warm pink of the peach blossoms that match well with the dry, cold weather from the North.

7. Giving away red envelopes (filled with lucky money)
This is a cultural practice that has been maintained for generations. The red envelopes symbolize luck and wealth.

This greeting ritual and Li Xi is also known as Mung Tuoi, honoring the achievement of another year to one's life.

Before receiving the red envelope, children must send some best wishes to their ancestors

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Holidays in Vietnam in 2018

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1-Jan Monday International New Year's Day
14-Feb Wednesday Valentine's Day
15-Feb Thursday Vietnamese New Year's Eve
16-Feb Friday Vietnamese New Year
17-Feb Saturday Tet holiday
18-Feb Sunday Tet holiday
19-Feb Monday Tet holiday
20-Feb Tuesday Tet holiday
25-Apr Wednesday Vietnamese Kings' Commemoration Day
30-Apr Monday Liberation Day/Reunification Day
1-May Tuesday International Labor Day
28-Jun Thursday Vietnamese Family Day
2-Sep Sunday Independence Day
3-Sep Monday Independence Day observed
20-Oct Saturday Vietnamese Women's Day
31-Oct Wednesday Halloween
24-Dec Monday Christmas Eve
25-Dec Tuesday Christmas Day
31-Dec Monday International New Year's Eve

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When is Tet 2018

In 2018, Tet is on Friday, February 16

The actual holiday will last 1 day before and about 3-5 days after the day mentioned above.

15-Feb Thursday Vietnamese New Year's Eve National holiday
16-Feb Friday Vietnamese New Year National holiday
17-Feb Saturday Tet holiday National holiday
18-Feb Sunday Tet holiday National holiday
19-Feb Monday Tet holiday National holiday
20-Feb Tuesday Tet holiday National holiday

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

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Vietnam Lunar New Year

The Tet New Year is the most important and highly celebrated cultural holiday of the Vietnamese people around the world.  It is the largest annual Vietnamese event and regularly draws thousands of people to celebrate a day of food, entertainment, fashion, children’s activities, and dancing.
Tết, the Lunar New Year, marks the beginning of spring and is the most observed holiday within the Vietnamese community. As a means to preserve culturethrough a vibrant array of traditional foods, ceremonies, and customs.

The Tết Festival is the largest Tết Festival and Vietnamese cultural event.

What is Zodiac Animal
In Lunar Year, depends on a twelve-year cycle, every year in that cycle identified with a creature sign. These signs are the rodent, bull, tiger, cat, mythical serpent, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog and pig. It is computed by lunar schedule.

Tet 2013 10-Feb-13 Snake
Tet 2014 31-Jan-14 Horse
Tet 2015 19-Feb-15 Goat
Tet 2016 8-Feb-16 Monkey
Tet 2017 28-Jan-17 Rooster
Tet 2018 16-Feb-18 Dog
Tet 2019 5-Feb-19 Pig
Tet 2020 25-Jan-20 Rat
Tet 2021 12-Feb-21 Buffalo
Tet 2022 1-Feb-22 Tiger
Tet 2023 22-Jan-23 Cat
Tet 2024 10-Feb-24 Dragon
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Sunday, September 11, 2016

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Tet 2017 - when to arrive?

Tet holiday in Vietnam

Tet begin the first few days of the new year on the Lunar Calendar, this is the longest holiday which may last up to 7 - 10 days.
In 2017, Tet is on January 28th to January 31th (Gregorian calendar)
Tet occupies an important role of Vietnamese, it is the time for everybody to come back to their hometown, to express their respect and remembrance for their ancestors and having a good relaxing time after a hard-working year.
Best places to visit Vietnam during Tet holiday
1. Da Lat
2. Nha Trang
3. Hoi An
4. Ha Noi
5. Ho Chi Minh city

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

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Gifts for Tet festival

Giving gifts on Tet Festival, which has been long a traditional custom in Vietnam’s ancient culture, represents not only the close relationship but also the thorough and subtle of human behaviors. Vietnamese are extremely careful in talking and behaving on the very first days of New Year, as it can determine the good fortune throughout the year.

In the past and present

Hundred years ago, Vietnamese, most living in rural areas, had a convention of exchanging agricultural products as the gifts whenever the Lunar New Year came. A pair of sticky rice square cakes, a cock or wine kept in pottery gourd was believed to contained the essence of heaven and earth; thus would show the amiability among families and signified their dream of prosperity and a full future. In the past, the tough living conditions made it difficult for people to have new clothes frequently but only on the occasion of New Year. This reason explained why children often gave a new piece of red cloth or velvet scarf for parents, in order to express their respect, gratitude, and the hope for good health.

Over times, giving gifts on Tet Holiday has become a special piece of traditional culture that is well-preserving and passing to the following generations. Since the society is modernized and relationship among people has altered to catch up with the speed of development, giving gifts is not a must for token of exchange anymore, but a part of rules of propriety. Besides the traditional meanings as neighbors, friends and families ties; giving gifts represents the long-lasting corporation between colleagues or business partners as well. Nowadays, people are willing to pay millions for luxuriously limited “baskets” of gifts, giving to bosses, wishing for support for future career.

What to give in Tet Festival?

Choosing gifts for Tet Festival is definitely not an easy task, due to the complicated norms and religion beliefs. Normally, Vietnamese will avoid giving kittens (as their meow sounds like “ngheo”- poor in Vietnamese), ink (because the color of black is considered bad fortune) and sharp items such as knives and forks. While clothes, scarfs and sticky rice square cakes are still the traditionally meaningful gifts that parents and the elderly often receive from children; there are many modern products that can be used as gifts also.

Here are among the most popular gifts given for Tet Festival:

A branch of peach blossom

Together with kumquat tree, peach blossom is regarded as the irreplaceable decoration for Tet Festival in Vietnam. Legend has it that peach blossom is the home of two deities who can control evil spirits, thus, a branch of peach blossom in New Year will drive all the ghosts and bad fortune away. There are a few kinds of peach blossom, from the red, pink to the white ones, depending on whether it is grown in mountainous or plain area. In Hanoi, Nhat Tan’s flower garden is most famous for carefully-planted peach blossom, while in Moc Chau, we can easily see wildly high peach blossom trees.

Wine and gift baskets

If in the past, wine is kept in pottery gourds, nowadays; those old gourds are replaced by modern wine bottles with well-known brands coming from both local and all over the world. However, the meaning of wine as the gift of New Year has remained unchanged. It takes a lot of time for wine to ferment and distil; so wine is highly appreciated by Vietnamese. Nevertheless, drinking wine can make people feel warm and energetic, which are exactly what people wish for their upcoming year.

If you have a Vietnamese business partner, it is time to further enhance your bonds by sending them a gift basket with branded wine.

Red items

Spring is the season of the brightest and most effulgent colors. Especially in Asia’s beliefs, red is considered good luck, prosperity, joyfulness and contentment. We can see the red color everywhere, from the ornaments, lucky envelopes, to the clothes of the elderly on the first days of New Year. Coming to Vietnam during the Tet Festival, tourists can see the whole streets covered with the color of red. Whichever gifts you plan to give, place a priority on red and yellow and avoid dark colours. For example, if you want to buy children new clothes, try to pick the most bright coloured ones. 

Greeting cards

Sending greeting cards is the custom having its roots from the contemporary era. It is fast, convenient, and certainly very suitable for today’s busy modern life. If you are a foreigner and confused about the Tet Festival gift a Vietnamese friend, there is nothing better than a greeting card. Typically, Tet Festival’s greeting cards are printed with vivid colors like red or yellow, and distinctive images such as apricot and peach blossom, square sticky rice cake, parallel sentences, etc. Common greetings can be told are “Happy New Year”, “All wishes come true”, and ‘I wish you a healthy and wealthy new year!”. Around a week before the holiday, at Vietnamese schools, teachers often help pupils making their own handmade cards. Pupils then will bring their cards home and give to show their love to parents and other family’s members.
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